Tips For Proving Your Former Spouse Is Unfit To Have Physical Custody

Are you going to have a battle for custody of your kids during a divorce but you feel as if your former spouse is unfit to have physical custody? If so, you'll need to know how to prove this in court so that you win the custody agreement that you are seeking. Substance Abuse  Does your spouse have a substance abuse issue that has been around for quite some time? This may be used to prove that they are unfit to have physical custody.

Understanding Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a serious charge you should never take lightly. If you're facing charges of embezzlement, you might have a lot of questions. This is a serious type of fraud that you need to consider when you are arrested and awaiting trial. Want to know more about embezzlement? Keep reading to learn more. First, Understand Fraud Charges Fraud is the act of deception that results in financial misstatements. Fraud may include a variety of crimes from theft, corruption, extortion, and money laundering.